Ep. 21: The Spectrum of Brooding

Ep. 21: The Spectrum of Brooding

Episode 21, ‘The spectrum of brooding’, Jessica Jones vs Daredevil

In this episode, Dave and Steven discuss the two latest Netflix/Marvel team-ups! It starts out sounding like a hatefest, and then ends sounding like a feminist-fest, but in the end it’s just another wonderful episode of The Style Guide.

Seriously though, Dave and Steven really do like Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

Show Notes

  • Intro Clip: Jessica Jones, AKA You’re a Winner [1×6].
  • Steven picks an intro clip that is somewhat on the nose.
  • Dave insists on calling this “JJ vs. DD”.
  • Binge watching is all about hiding the flaws.
  • Steven is very clearly still a six year old.
  • Dave and Steve debate the merits of being blind.
  • “Mac Murdock”, Dave?
  • Steven gets angry at people in love.
  • Speaking of love, does it sound like Dave might be a little bit in love with “Trinity from The Matrix“?
  • For perhaps the first time in his life, Steven admits to being wrong.
  • David Tennant is no Vincent D’Nofrio.
  • Dave makes up a quote.
  • Steven doesn’t understand the difference between Hell’s Kitchen and the rest of Manhattan. Or New York. Or geography as a concept.
  • Dave feels cinematography.
  • Jessica Jones doesn’t have one of these scenes.
  • For a more nuanced take on that scene, check out this analysis.
  • Daredevil’s superpower is that he can tell when your heart is beating.
  • Steve brings up the always timely Ang Lee Hulk film.
  • Most of the podcast sounds like a hatefest, but Dave and Steve really did enjoy both series.
  • Maybe we should start assuming that Steve always hates any particular child/teen actor unless he expressly states otherwise.
  • Is romance a justification for sex or is sex a justification for romance?
  • When is Monica going to get around to a better feminist critique of Jessica Jones than Dave and Steven?
  • Steven mispronounces(?) Bechdel.
  • Hey Dave, never apologize for being a feminist. You do you.
  • Animorphs reference. Boom.
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Ep. 21: The Spectrum of Brooding