Ep. 61: Treat You Like Pixar

Ep. 61: Treat You Like Pixar

Episode 61, ‘Treat you like Pixar’, Part III on Walt Disney Animation Studios

This week, Dave and Steve finish cataloguing their thoughts on Walt Disney Animation Studios, chatting about the rest of the films from The Little Mermaid to Moana. For some, this is a somber episode as The Style Guide moves on from a long list of well loved and important films from childhood. For others, we received your hatemail, and we read you loud and clear: no more saying anything bad about your childhood. We get it, Nicole, but you didn’t have to send us death threats. Geeze. They’re only films.

  • Intro Clip: Zooptopia.
  • Dave changes the intro and we are all worse for it. Steve acts like nothing has happened.
  • Steve makes it clear that he is incapable of experiencing joy.
  • It becomes evident that Steve has not seen Moana yet.
  • LeFou, Dave. His name is LeFou.
  • How white is Steve? This white.
  • Dave should make explosion noises more often.
  • Dave and Steve treat us all to one of the dumbest conversations one could possibly have about The Little Mermaid.
  • Sounds like Steve needs to Journey to a New World (but not a whole new world)
  • Steve has no idea how cars work, despite knowing how Cars works.
  • Dave can’t tell the difference between a Disney film and a Pixar film, but that’s his fault, not theirs.
  • Hi Steve’s mom.
  • Steve’s deadpan sense of humour earns him no friends.
  • Steve mistakes Donny Osmond for a celebrity.
  • Wes, we’re waiting on you…
  • Dave talks, at length, about the supple, sensual feeling of VHS cases.
  • Dave slanders Mulan‘s good name.
  • Steve’s love of Hannah Montana causes him to say some weird things.
  • Steve flaunts Dave’s child privilege.
  • Steve references a completely fictional ukulele album.
The Style Guide
The Style Guide
Ep. 61: Treat You Like Pixar
Ep. 60: Renaissance Kids

Ep. 60: Renaissance Kids

Episode 60, ‘Renaissance kids’, Part II on Walt Disney Animation Studios

This week, Dave and Steve continue their journey through the feature films of Walt Disney Animation Studios. With proper microphones and a whole new batch of films to talk about, the dynamic duo start to work their way through the next set of Disney films, starting with Cinderella and ending with Oliver and Company. If you don’t remember some of those films, don’t worry about it. As it turns out, Dave and Steve forgotten more about this era of Disney films than anyone ever needed to know in the first place.

  • Intro Clip: Oliver and Company.
  • Dave refuses to make meaningful enhancements to his life because he fears change.
  • Steve and Dave figure out what “Silver Era” means — allowing Steve to make a bad pun about the ages of technological development towards urban civilization.
  • Dave owns Cinderalla.
  • Just to clarify, Dave appears to be talking about the person, not the film. She belongs to him. Which is weird for us all.
  • Wiktionary has Dave’s back.
  • Are talking animals not whimsical enough for you, Steve?
  • Dave and Steve celebrate illiteracy.
  • Steve does his best not to say “Rudyard”.
  • Dave gets text message and stops the entire podcast to deal with it.
  • So that’s why it’s called “the Golden Age”.
  • Did Dave just suggest that Disney is better than Shakespeare?
  • Hi, friend of the show, Missie Peters!
  • At this point, it’s pretty clear that the Editor is just messing around.
  • In case you had forgotten how racist Disney could be, here’s a reminder.
  • Steve pretends to know when mermaids made their first film debut, because he wants the cool kids to like him.
  • Steve sounds like he’s having an existential crisis regarding The Lady and the Tramp.
  • Steve dun messed up his Disney villain knowledge.
  • Dave’s veganism can be traced back directly to a nightmare he had in 1986.
  • Did Dave just refer to the “real” Merlin?
  • It sounds a lot like Steve didn’t bother preparing for this episode at all.
  • Of course Steve was a Boy Scout. It all makes sense now.
  • Calling Bambi a scary movie is stretching it a bit, guys.
  • Dave wonders how people expressed opinions prior to the Internet.
  • Dave makes up his own ending to The Fox and the Hound.
  • The Disney Bronze Era is really just the plot of the movie Inception.
The Style Guide
The Style Guide
Ep. 60: Renaissance Kids
Ep. 59: Books Are Great. Moving Books Are Even Better.

Ep. 59: Books Are Great. Moving Books Are Even Better.

Episode 59, ‘Books are great. Moving books are even better.’, Part I on Walt Disney Animation Studios

After last week’s debacle with what is most certainly their least listened to episode, Dave and Steve return to reasonable episode lengths. That’s right. They are not insisting that you dedicate a significant portion of your life to listening to the podcast. Instead they begin their series on Disney’s animated films. Eventually they’ll work their way to the latest efforts like Moana, but for now they discuss Walt Disney himself, DisneyLand, and the Golden Age of Disney (from Snow White to Bambi).

  • Intro Clip: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • If you think Steve’s audio sounds like it was recorded from inside the belly off a whale, you’d be right.
  • Remember that time Dave and Steve did three hours on the difference between robots, cyborgs, and AI? They don’t.
  • Dave is briefly concerned with proper etiquette.
  • Steve and Dave appear to be on a first name basis with Mr. Disney.
  • Dave sounds a lot like he wants to be an Imagineer.
  • Dave and Steve liked Disney before it was mainstream.
  • Snow White is such a blatant ripoff of Inside Out.
  • Steve accuses Disney of trying to manipulate children into being responsible.
  • Everyone calls them “animatronics”, Dave.
  • Dave flaunts his having-gone-to-Disneyland privilege.
  • This podcast seems to represent the entirety of Steve’s knowledge of Disneyland. Las Vegas too, but that’s not related to this episode whatsoever.
  • Dave is the only person on the planet who didn’t like Captain America: Civil War.
  • Disney films are just a vehicle for ketchup.
  • No, guys, Maleficent is not the Evil Queen of Snow White. This ain’t Amateur Night at the Apollo. Get your act together.
  • Dave and Steve pretend to be talking fawns.
  • Dave is scared by fruits.
  • Steve misses the scary Disney movies of yore.
  • Is anyone else bothered by the way that Dave and Steve pronounce “dwarfs” as “dwarves”?
The Style Guide
The Style Guide
Ep. 59: Books Are Great. Moving Books Are Even Better.