Ep. 14: I’m Shocked That I’ve Been Enjoying Republican Fantasies

Ep. 14: I’m Shocked That I’ve Been Enjoying Republican Fantasies

Episode 14, ‘I’m shocked that I’ve been enjoying Republican fantasies’, on Christmas Action movies

In this episode Dave and Steven discuss Christmas Action Movies in preparation for Paper Street Theatre’s upcoming Christmas Show, Lethal Christmas.

Show Notes

  • Intro Clip: Jingle All The Way
  • Dave and Steve believe that they’re the first people to have discovered writer/director Shane Black.
  • The obvious question: What exactly transforms a regular movie into a Christmas Action Flick?
  • Steven posits the death of the genre. Together Dave and Steve offer an explanation.
  • Does Christmas + Action = awesome? Yes. Yes it does. For a variety of reasons.
  • Christmas is better than other holidays.
  • What movies work better with Halloween instead of Christmas?
  • Dave brings up Copyright free music.
  • Dave, unironically, uses the word “togetherness“.
  • As we have come to expect from him, Steven talks about the importance of children.
  • Steven is only one step removed from writing an academic paper about how Christmas action movies frame organizations as incompetent and individuals as ultra-capable.
  • Steven makes a hypothesis. Dave’s mind is blown.
  • They end talking about how to improvise the style.

Spoiler Warnings

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Ep. 14: I'm Shocked That I've Been Enjoying Republican Fantasies