Ep. 17: Hey Adults in the Audience, Cry about This for a Second

Ep. 17: Hey Adults in the Audience, Cry about This for a Second

Episode 17, ‘Hey Adults in the Audience, Cry about This for a Second’, on Pixar films

In this episode of Dave’s favourite podcast, Dave and Steven discuss the good and the bad of Pixar movies…although, let’s be honest. They mostly just discuss the¬†good.

Show Notes

  • Intro Clip: The Incredibles
  • Dave and Steve aren’t the same age.
  • No, we will not be talking about the Cars movies.
  • Steve suggests that they will not be discussing Pixar’s shorts.
  • Dave starts discussing Pixar’s shorts.
  • Toy Story is Magic and Whimsy and Fantasy”.
  • What is the difference between Toy Story, Toy Soldiers, & Small Soldiers?
  • Pixar is good at living in the real world of childhood experiences: divorce, youth obesity, and mass genocide.
  • Just how important is this Joss Whedon guy?
  • No wasted¬†space
  • Dave has something important to tell Steven.
  • Adult themes hidden in the films, but not ‘hidden’ like the Shrek films.
  • Genocide really seems to upset Dave.
  • Yet again, Dave finds another sports movie that we missed in episode 6.
  • Steven lies about when The Style Guide is going to do an episode on The Good Dinosaur.
  • Inside Out makes Dave think he’s smarter than babies.
  • Dave describes, in depth, his fantasies.
  • The importance of thinking through the logical consequences of novel premises.
  • Inside Out > Inception
  • Pixarification of Disney or the Disneyification of Pixar?
  • What’s love got to do with it?
  • Let Pixar be Pixar.

Potentially Unexpected Spoilers