Ep. 7.5: The Shadow Episode

Ep. 7.5: The Shadow Episode

Episode 7.5, ‘The Shadow Episode’, on the Ender’s Game series. Again.

In this bonus episode, Dave and Steven continue their discussion of the Ender’s Game Series… because if you couldn’t tell, they really like those books.

DISCLAIMER: If you haven’t read the Ender’s Game Series or don’t like it, or if you enjoyed the movie, don’t listen to this podcast.

Show Notes

  • Intro Clip: Ender’s Game, The Movie
  • Disclaimer: If you haven’t read the series or don’t like it, you’ll want to ignore this bonus episode.
  • Musing about the Descolada
  • Do not watch the Ender’s Game movie.
  • The significance of Jane
    • As a character
    • As a narrative element
  • The problem with technological change and science fiction
  • Locke, Demosthenes, and dark/light scenes
  • The world of Battle School
  • Orson Scott Card just gets families

Potentially Unexpected Spoilers:

  • Back to the Future
The Style Guide
The Style Guide
Ep. 7.5: The Shadow Episode